Breakout Sessions

MIND: Connect with Your Deep Spiritual Wisdom
The feminine path connects us to our deepest knowing, to the natural world, and the world of spirit. In our world, this more subtle knowing is often overlooked or undervalued. In this portion of the workshop, Intuitive Life Coach Nancy Nicholas will share some tips and tools to help you connect more fully with your own intuition and Spiritual Support Team of Angels and Spirit Guides. As part of the experience, Nancy will help you connect with one of your Spiritual Support Team members and share a message for you to empower you in living your most joyful life. To learn more about Nancy, visit her website:


SPIRIT: Science Meets Spirit
The boundaries between the natural and the supernatural world are diminishing.  As quantum physics reveals more about the actual composition of our physical bodies, we know that we are beings of frequency and vibration.  Mary Robbins will share some hands on activities providing the opportunity for participants to experience how thoughts very much affect environment.  Also, we will explore some other common items that energetically change our physiology for better or for worse and what steps can be taken to protect ourselves in this modern technological world.

ENERGY: Feminine Energy Meditation
Empower your feminine energy through a hypnotherapy meditation with Kelly C. Brown, J.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist.  What makes a woman confident and beautiful is her capacity for listening to her true self and being able to call upon her feminine wisdom for any situation that may arise.  But so often in this world we think of strength as an external quality that comes from firm determination, a will to succeed no matter the cost, aggressiveness or acting like a man.  We are going to connect with and cultivate the deep feminine side of ourselves in this meditation to tap into that unlimited wellspring of "Diva" energy and strength available inside and for all of us!

BODY: Empowerment through Intentional Movement
Learn every day yoga tools to help you feel stronger and more grounded! In this session you will create a power mantra to help you access your divine feminine energy. We will explore our body and learn ways to be fully present within our physical space. Gentle movement will accompany breathwork to help you free up your physical tissue and release anything that holds you back. You will leave feeling more grounded, more aware and with an overwhelming feeling of ease and peace. No prior yoga experience is necessary! Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers. Mats and all props are provided. For those with limitations, chairs will be provided. 

$75 per person OR 
$65 per person when you register with a friend!

Includes 4 exploratory breakout sessions, lunch
and a $20 discount on a boutique purchase of $50 or more! Event is being hosted at Conversations and Co. 22 Northwest Ave, Tallmadge, OH 44278